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Located in the heart of Montreal, Plaza Saint Hubert, to savor the best Peruvian flavors, the most important ingredient of any experience: service. This team, made up of professionals with extensive experience entirely dedicated to the service and support of our visitors.

"Delicious Peruvian cuisine and excellent service."

It was a really amazing experience for me. The quality of the food is only matched by the quality of the service I received. Thank you for making this evening an unforgettable experience.
Jissel Rivero

Peruvian dishes

Beautiful Peru contains one of the most exquisite, creative and diverse cuisines in the world. It is the result of the initial fusion of the culinary tradition of ancient Peru – with its own techniques and stews – and the influence of Spanish gastronomy and oriental cuisines (Chinese and Japanese) brought by migratory currents.

The truth is that talking about Peruvian gastronomy enters a fascinating cultural process that is palpable in every dish. It is a traditional cuisine that also points to evolution and new flavors, which fascinates diners.


Fresh fish ceviche marinated in lime served with corn, sweet potato and banana chips.


Colombian cuisine is a true reflection of the diversity that this beautiful country has: ethnic, cultural, natural and geographical. Diversity that prevents us from talking about a unique cuisine, diversity that satisfies all tastes, diversity that enchants.


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